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In this section you find the "essential" resources which are frequently needed for discipleship training.

First training lessons

1. God's Story

This first lesson contains a summary of God's plan and what he wants from us. Use it as the first training lesson for a new believer immediately so that he can really understand the meaning of his decision and also learns how to explain it to others.

2. Prayer

As the second lesson this gives a basic understanding of our communication with God. Go through it and don't forget to practice the different types of prayer when you're training someone!

3. Time with God

God wants to teach us. We need to learn how to spend time with him and learn from him. This third lesson explains how to do this and shows some examples from people in the Bible about their time with God.

4. Church

We're not alone. Together with other followers of Jesus we form a community or fellowship. This fourth lesson explains what church is and does.


Use this lesson for baptism preparation. In the Bible we see that people get baptized quickly after their decision. You can use this lesson immediately after the first lesson or at any other point in the training process.

Meeting outlines

Three-Thirds Process

The diagram with the different parts of a training meeting. Use this scheme for every training meeting and in the section "lesson" you teach each time one of the discipleship lessons.

Bible reading bookmark

This worksheet is meant to be printed two-sided and cut into four small bookmarks. It contains some simple hints for interested people how to start reading God's word and an outline for a discovery Bible study meeting (which is essentially the same as the Three-Thirds Process).

A Daily Prayer

This worksheet is meant to be printed two-sided and cut into eight small pieces. It fits perfect e.g. into your wallet to have it always along and use it for prayer every day!