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How can I find a good trainer?

Contact us and we'll try our best to find a good trainer for you!


How can I contribute a new translation?

We're always very happy to add a new translation! Please send it to us via the Contact form or via email to contact [at] 4training [dot] net

I saw a mistake - what can I do?

Please inform us by using the Contact form.


What does it mean that there is no copyright on this website?

That means that everything you can take everything on this website: Use it, copy it, translate it or even adapt it. You don't have to ask for permission. Of course we're always happy to hear what you're doing. So if you're adapting materials it would be nice if you contact us and send us your versions!

Why are you providing everything without copyright?

Because we believe that this reflects the character of the Kingdom of God (see Matthew 10:8; Philippians 1:18).
Because we're annoyed of the whole "normal" process when you want to use or even translate or adapt resources: Finding out who holds the copyright, asking for permission, signing agreements, paying fees, investing lots of time into all that and afterwards still don't having flexibility.
Because we don't want you to worry about such things but concentrate your energy on making disciples.