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Overcoming Fear and Anger

Closing open doors in our lives to become free from all unhealthy fear and anger.

Getting Rid of Colored Lenses

Often we look at God or situations through glasses, whose lenses filter out some areas and distort others. How to identify them and how to get rid of them so that we can see reality clearly.

Family and our Relationship with God

God created the concept of family to meet our needs when growing up. Family involves three main roles: father, mother, and siblings. How we experienced these roles also shapes how we view God - Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Here we explore these connections and how to become free from wrong ideas of God.

Overcoming Negative Inheritance

How to become free from a negative spiritual inheritance that we received from our ancestors.

Forgiving Step by Step: Training Notes

More explanations on how to teach and train the worksheet Forgiving Step by Step.

Leading Others Through Forgiveness

The application of Forgiving Step by Step: How to take the role of the helper and walk the other person through the five steps so that they can completely forgive.

The Role of a Helper in Prayer

How to lead others in a conversation with God.

Four Kinds of Disciples

One simple and essential diagram to understand multiplication and the steps towards it!