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Bible Reading Hints (Starting with the Creation)

Bible Reading Hints

When you start reading the Bible, begin with the following books:

1. Genesis
2. Matthew
3. Acts

Every time you read begin with prayer: Ask God to help you to understand what you will read.

Answer the questions (see other side) to learn from the text.

Share with others or make notes about your thoughts, questions and what God is telling you.

Discovery Bible Study as a group

Meeting outline:

1. How are you?
2. Accountability
What did you put into practice from last time?
3. Thanksgiving
What good things did you experience last week? Praise God.

4. Read
the passage together. Ask God for His help to understand it.
5. Re-tell
the passage together (without looking at it).
6. Answer
the following questions about the passage:
Head-32.pngHead: What do we learn here? (About God / people / ...)
Heart-32.png Heart: What touches my heart? (How did they feel? How do I feel about ... ?)
Hands-32.png Hands: How can we apply this? (Example to follow? Who can we share this with?)

7. Goals
Set personal goals until next meeting.
8. Pray
Take time to pray for each other.


  • Stick to the Bible passage
  • Let everyone participate
  • Encourage each other