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More than 7000 different languages are spoken on our earth - and God knows each of them. Of course, many of them are spoken only by a small group of people and many don't have any written form. The whole Bible is translated into more than 500 languages and parts of it are available in close to 3000 languages in total (Wycliffe statistics)

Our mother tongue is the tongue of our heart. So it's always easier to understand God's good ideas for us if we can hear them in the language we grew up with.

What you can find here

This section provides basic information for each language:

  • Where can I find a good Bible translation?
  • What training resources are available?
  • What else is helpful to know for training people who speak that language?

List of languages

Currently you can find information for 43 languages - see also the box at the left side. Alphabetically sorted in English: