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Thank you to all the many people who are contributing to the website! Such a project needs the help of many. Can you contribute something? Please contact us!


Currently we have translations into 43 languages - all done by volunteers. That's not bad but for almost all of the languages not all worksheets are translated yet and any help is appreciated. And then there is so many more languages where we don't have any translation yet...

Design and Animation

Maybe you have already noticed it: we don't have much of this yet. We have quite some ideas and dreams but are still looking for the right people to do it. Wish list:

  • Mobile-friendly design: The current design is poor for smartphones
 Required skills: CSS, HTML, (some) PHP
  • Animations on how to use this website: Make it easier to understand the potential of the cross-language worksheets and how to use this website
  • Better design: This website has mainly text and lots of potential for improvement


Wish list:

  • Implementing mediawiki bots to automate different tasks and improve quality
 Required skills: Python (preferred, other programming languages also possible)
  • Integrate a tool for mapping discipleship generations into the website
 Required skills: JavaScript
  • Implementing some specific improvements for the mediawiki software
 Required skills: PHP
  • Develop a native iOS / Android app

Video creation

We recently launched our Youtube channel with the first training video. We hope to add more soon:

  • Training videos: Going through one worksheet together with additional training hints - by someone who is experienced in training this worksheet
  • Testimonials & stories: How did the resources or a specific training change your life? Record a short video with your experiences!


You don't have any of these special technical skills but you'd be ready to donate some of your time?
The following tasks don't require real computer nerds, it's fine if you like to work with computers and are ready to make yourself familiar with the task and contribute some of your time:

  • Creating PDF files with LibreOffice
  • MediaWiki administration: Helping with collaboration between all the people involved

Do you have more ideas, corrections and improvements?
Do you want to donate?
We need that, please contact us!