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How can I find a good trainer?

Contact us and we'll try our best to find a good trainer for you!


How can I contribute a new translation?

We're always very happy to add a new translation! Please send it to us via the Contact form or via email to contact [at] 4training [dot] net

I saw a mistake - what can I do?

Please inform us by using the Contact form.


What does it mean that there is no copyright on this website?

It means that you can freely take and use everything on this website: Use it, copy it, translate it, or even adapt it. You don't have to ask for permission. Of course we're always happy to hear how others are using our materials, so if you're adapting materials, it would be nice if you contact us and send us your versions!

Why are you providing everything without copyright?

We believe that this reflects the character of God’s kingdom. Jesus says in Matthew 10:8, “Freely you have received; freely give.”

It’s not our property

If I make a resource for building God’s kingdom, then God is the author and it is His property. How can I claim it as my intellectual property?

We do not want to control

Copyright is an instrument to maintain control over how others can use my work. I restrict the spreading of it, requiring others to ask for my permission if they want to copy it. This makes multiplication impossible or at least slows it down. Instead, we want to give control to God alone.

Also, copyright is a legal instrument. This means that if someone is violating my copyright rules, I could possibly open a legal case and sue him. We believe this would contradict 1 Corinthians 6:1-8 – disputes in the body of Christ are not to be resolved in front of worldly courts. Also, it doesn’t fit the example of Paul in Philippians 1:18.

We want cooperation, quality, and efficiency

Copyright has three main consequences:

Limited cooperation
I can’t just copy the results from someone else and build upon them.
Mediocre quality
Everyone has to start from scratch again.
Wasted time
It takes time to read through mediocre resources, it takes time to start from scratch, it takes time to ask for permissions, and so on.

Our goal is the opposite. We want you to be able to concentrate your energy on making disciples of Jesus.
We believe that having a clear statement on permissions is helpful. That’s why you will find a small footnote on every worksheet, saying that there are no restrictions whatsoever. We decided for Creative Commons Zero (CC0), waiving all our rights and dedicating everything to the public domain.