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Time with God

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When a baby has started to breath, it also needs to eat. In a similar way we need spiritual food everyday. This is the Word of God, the Bible, and being in contact with God. If you want to know a person, you need to have regular contact with him or her. To make this happen we often need to set a time for a meeting. It's the same in our relationship with God: To get to know him better we reserve time in our schedule to be in contact with him.

What we do in our time with God

  • Talk with God through prayer
  • Let God speak to me through reading the Bible

The purpose of our time with God

  • To worship God: God deserves our praise and always welcomes us to come to him.
  • To have fellowship with God: We share what is important to us and get to know him better. Our relationship with him will grow and get stronger.
  • To listen to God: He wants to speak to us and lead us.

Examples from the Bible

Verse Person Time Place Activity
Psalms 5:3
Daniel 6:10
Mark 1:35
Luke 6:12
Acts 10:9
Acts 16:25

Tools and suggestions for our time with God

  • Bible: Read a passage from the Bible and then think and pray about it. There are four good questions to ask: What do we learn about God here? What do we learn about people here? What should I do? Whom can I share this with?
  • Place: Choose a place where you can meet with God without being distracted.
  • Time: Find the best time when you can consistently meet with God.
  • Plan: Choose a Bible book to read through. For the beginning, read Genesis (in the Old Testament), Matthew and the Book of Acts (both in the New Testament).
  • Making notes and sharing: Write down or share with your friends your thoughts, what you feel God is saying to you, your questions, prayer requests of you or your friends, how God answered prayer, encouraging verses, ...

My commitment for my time with God