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Arabic (language code: ar; autonym: العربية) is spoken by 300-400 million people. The spoken language can differ a lot between different regions whereas there is essentially only one written form of Arabic, the so-called "Modern Standard Arabic". For more information see Wikipedia:Arabic and Wikipedia:Varieties of Arabic

Arabic Bible translations

There are several Bible translations available in Arabic. Wikipedia provides a good overview about the characteristics of them: Wikipedia:Bible translations into Arabic

Sharif Bible

Accordingly we can recommend the Sharif Bible translation for most situations and people. The official website has the whole Bible for reading and listening but is only in Arabic. It is commonly abbreviated SAB (Sharif Arabic Bible).

It is freely available in the following ways:

  • Reading online:
  • Zip package (187 MB) for essential reading and listening: Contains PDF files and MP3 audio files of Genesis, Matthew and Acts
  • PDF files:
  • Smartphone apps and software:
    • YouVersion smartphone app: Text of the whole Bible, no recordings. Can be downloaded and is then available for offline use. Select "العربية" in the language selection and then select "SAB".
    • smartphone app: Text of the New Testament, recordings of the New Testament. Select "Arabic - العربية" in the language selection and then select "AS1 / Sharif Version Drama".Recordings in Sudanese Arabic ("AS2") and Iraqi Arabic ("AS3") also exist.
  • Audio Bible:
  • Printed copies:

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