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How to Continue After a Prayer Time

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God has done some amazing things in your life: He has revealed lies and has brought truth instead, so that you can live in freedom – free from burdens you’d carried with you before. Now it’s in your hands to apply these truths. This will take time and may not feel as exciting as a prayer time, but it is very important in God’s eyes. He wants you to learn to use and maintain this freedom.

Jesus says in John 8:31-32:
“If you obey my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth. And the truth will set you free.”

The burdens God has now freed you from have left marks: They were a part of you, influencing your thoughts and your actions. So take this sheet of paper and pray with these truths every day, thanking God for everything He said. That way these truths can settle into your heart and reach every part of your life. You may also need to overcome resistance against this change, either from inside (your doubts and laziness) or outside (other people don’t like the change in you). This can be challenging because you need to learn a completely new mindset and new behavior. God wants to give you the strength you need – spend time with Him and don’t quit!

The seeds illustration

The truths that God gave you are like small seeds that you’ve received. Now you must take care of them to help them grow in your life and bring good fruit (read also Luke 8:4-15).

Make sure to provide a good environment for these seeds to grow. Water these seeds by reminding yourself of these truths, by spending time with God, and by obeying what He says. Keep the “birds” of the enemy away: Old patterns and lies that want to come back and steal these new truths. Fight them off by using what God gave you. Fertilize the seeds with good fellowship and more training.

With God

Work on making the principles from the prayer time a part of your lifestyle:

Forgiving (see the worksheet “Forgiving Step by Step” for details)

God, who do I need to forgive?

Confessing Sins (see the worksheet “Confessing Sins and Repenting” for details)

God, where do I need to ask You for forgiveness?

With yourself

Take time to reflect on each of the things that God spoke to you:

How well am I applying this in my life now? What is still hindering me from fully accepting this? What is my next step here?

With friends

We’re not made to manage everything on our own. We need the right friends who are on our side, encouraging and correcting us.

What support do I need? Who do I ask for help?

What God showed me: