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Training resources

God is building his kingdom all around the world. He wants us to join in his work and make disciples! This website wants to serve you and make your job easier by equipping you with simple training worksheets in many languages. The best thing is: You can access the same worksheet in different languages so that you always know what it means, even if you don't understand the language.

Print off worksheets

You can find all contents online and use them wherever you have internet access, but all worksheets are also available as PDF. You can download them and put them on your smartphone to have them always available and be able to share them. And you can just print what you need: Each worksheet is at most two pages and fits on one sheet of paper. If you frequently train others this idea is for you: Print out a couple of worksheets you frequently use, put them into a folder or fold them and when you place them into the bag you usually carry you always have them around and are prepared for different situations.

Crossing language barriers in discipleship

Of course you can take the English worksheets and use them to disciple others around you in English as normal. With the resources on this website you now have one more great opportunity: When discipling someone who is not an English native speaker you can use the English worksheet together with the version in his mother tongue so that he'll understand deeper. And now your disciple can easily share what he learned with his friends who might not speak English as he now has everything in his own language!

Additionally you can find information on different languages: What Bible translation is easy to read and where can I get it? Use this as a starting point if you want to train someone in a particular language.

Find a trainer

Good contents and worksheets are only one half for good discipleship. The other half: You as trainer! The best way to become a good trainer is to have a good trainer yourself who disciples you. If you don't know where to find one: Contact us! You can also contact us to get advise about how to start, about which resources to use when and about discipleship in specific cultures and languages.

This website

How to use this website: Read here for details on how to effectively work with this website and use all the different language settings.


Currently we have worksheets in 47 different languages. We're always working on improving the quality of the website and of each of the worksheets as well as providing translations into more languages and adding new resources. You're welcome to join!