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Afrikaans (languagecode: af, autonym: Afrikaans) is spoken by around 20 million people mainly in South Africa and Namibia. For more information see Wikipedia:Afrikaans

Bible translations

There are several Bible translations into the Afrikaans, more information on the history of Bibel translations and their differences can be found on Wikipedia: [1]

Afrikaans 1983 nuwe vertaling

It is freely available in the following ways:

  • Reading online:
  • Smartphone apps and software:
    • YouVersion smartphone app: Text of the whole Bible, no recordings. Can be downloaded and is then available for offline use. Select "Afrikaans" in the language selection and then select "AFR83".
    • smartphone app: Text of the New Testament, no recordings. Select "Afrikaans" in the language selection and then select "Die Bybel in Afrikaans 1983-vertaling".
    • There is an Android App available to access this transaltion as well as the new 2020 Version of this translation by the Bible Society of South Africa: [2]
  • Printed copies:
    • EAD in Germany: Select language "Afrikaans". Order number for the whole Bible: 1040100.

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