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Sorani or Central Kurdish (language code: ckb, autonym: کوردی = Kurdî or سۆرانی‎ = Sorani) is a language from the Kurdish language family with around 8-10 million speakers. It is written in Persian script and thus read right-to-left. It is the official language of the autonomous Region of Kurdistan in Iraq.

Almost all Sorani speakers speak at least one more language (mostly Arabic) which is the official government language in their places. There is not very much written literature available. Additionally there are many regional dialects and the spelling is partly not standardized.

More details on Wikipedia: Wikipedia:Sorani

Sorani Bible translations

KSS (Kurdish Sorani Standard Version)

Some years ago this translation was finished and since 2017 also printed versions of the whole Bible exist. It has also been abbreviated as NRSV.

It is freely available in the following ways:

Jesus Film

Training resources available in Sorani