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Serbian (language code: sr, autonym: српски / srpski) is a language spoken in Serbia, parts of Bosnia-Herzegowina, Croatia and some surrounding areas. Serbian is spoken by approximately 6 million people in Serbia, and further 6 Millionen people outside of Serbia. Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian are also referred to as Serbo-Croatian, because these languages are so similar. Speakers of Bosnian and Serbian for example can talk to each other in everyday conversations. However there are some differences, especially religious words and terms have origins in different languages, in the case of Serbian mostly from the church Slavic of the orthodox church. Other differences are mostly based on the writing of the languages and are very minor. Serbian is written in the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. For more details see Wikipedia:Serbian language

Serbian Bible translations

There are several Bible translations available in Serbian: Wikipedia:Bible translations into Serbian

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