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Russian (language code: ru; autonym: русский) is spoken by around 150 million people as native language and other 60 Million as a second language, mainly in the former Soviet Union. For more information see Wikipedia:Russian language

Russian Bible translations

The traditional Russian Bible translation is called "Russian Synodal Bible". It was published in 1876 and uses a language which is hard to understand today, but it is still being printed and many copies of this translation exist. Since 1990 several new Bible translations were finished that use contemporary language. Two recommendable translations for everyday usage are the New Russian Translation (NRT, Новый Русский Перевод) and the Modern Russian Bible Translation (Современный Русский Перевод).

Современный Русский Перевод (Modern Russian Bible Translation)

It is freely available in the following ways:

Новый Русский Перевод (New Russian Translation, NRT)

It is freely available in the following ways:

  • Reading online:
  • Smartphone apps and software:
    • YouVersion smartphone app: Text of the whole Bible, recordings of the whole Bible. Can be downloaded and is then available for offline use. Select "русский" in the language selection and then select "NRT".
  • Audio Bible:

Священное Писание, Восточный перевод (Central Asian Russian Scripture)

This translation is usually abbreviated as CARS and is specifically for people groups from the Caucasus and Central Asia with Islamic background. The official website is (in English and Russian).
For more information about this translation and its variants CARSA and CARST see and

It is freely available in the following ways:

Jesus Film - Standard Russian

Jesus Film - Central Asian Russian (CARS)

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